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Oct 3, 2018
Braceville Ohio
I use to sell of eBay but haven't in 12/14 years. I loved ebay back in the day. Not only did i sell but i had a "scam" I did. I'd see something selling that I had, I'd put it in the watch list. If there was a bidding war, I'd go to the bidding history and email the 2nd and 3rd (loosing bidders.)
I'd tell them what I had and the "lower" price. They've call and we'd work out a deal. One I remembered was a rolling frame for a 68/72 A body. The Detroit area seller had a "nothing" special frame with a Olds 2:73 non posi. It sold for like $1395 back in maybe 2002. I got in touch with the non winning bidder, who bid like $1380. I had picked up a stalled 1971 Supreme all tore apart for a thousand dollars I got tons of parts, two engines, rebuilt transmission yada yada. I'd stripped the interior/dash pad, sport steering wheel. The perfect rolling frame, shell body with trunk lid, no doors or front end. The shell body was in great shape and floors and trunk floor great shape. This car had a corporate 10 bolt. The guy from Canada was doing a 442 and he needed floors/quarters. He came down to Ohio and was happy as a Lark, as I was with the $1200.
I miss the "good old days."


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Oct 3, 2018
I feel that craigslist and selling in general was better even 5 years ago. It was always a hassle, but it doesn't seem to get any better with time. Facebook marketplace is a blessing and a curse as well. Some good stuff up there, and tons of exposure. But with that comes all the extra uninterested tire kickers.

Olds 307 and 403

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Oct 4, 2018
Melville, Saskatchewan
I too used to love eBay, not as good anymore. Then Kiijji up here, I found my current great running Olds 350 for $120 and #6 heads totally rebuilt with the bowls opened and 2.05" intake valves for $400. The guy actually took down the ad as soon I said I would take them. Now Olds motors, 4L80E are much rarer and the seller asks way more, not cool at all.


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Oct 3, 2018
Braceville Ohio
Yes, I've been trying to get motivated and get rid of some sh*t, opps I mean stuff.
I jokingly say(but kind of true) my Daughter "the Attorney" is making me get rid of some of my cars/parts.
She says "what am I going to do with all those cars if you die?" I tell her, either call and auction company or a metal recycler, it's your call.
I'll have to post a thread about such a situation that I know of personally that a similar thing happened.


Oct 11, 2018
South Carolina
I think the entire market has slowed down somewhat when it comes to restorations. The older guys are dying off or getting rid of their cars and aren't as interested in buying stuff to fix their cars like they once did. The Donk craze really put a fire under G-body parts there for a while. I couldn't keep a nice or NOS G-body part whatever the price. Someone was always looking for whatever it was you had for sale concerning a G-body.

Plus, people are cheap bastages lately. They want everything for practically zilch. "Well, I can buy the same thing here for $XXX"...ok, then go buy it then. Why you looking at my overpriced crap? I mean, I'll work with folks, within limits. But it's not like I am a parts chain and absorb a huge loss. Ebay wants a good bite of everything you sell and once all the paypal fees and other crap is settled out, you're doing roughly 85% of whatever sale price you end up with. So you either deal with it or not. Of course, if you need to sell something quick, you suck it up and pay the price that fleabay wants.


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Oct 5, 2018
Older guys buy the Challenger/Mustang/Camaro/Vette

No need to "hot rod" or restore cars anymore Just buy a new one.

Oh it broke, no problem it's under warranty.

Oh it blew up, no problem it's under warranty.

Younger just want rice cars, or a phone.
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