power steering oil

Roy Ale

Oct 20, 2020
Victoria BC
I have all the original records for my 1982 delta 88 , i cannot find any records on when or if the power steering oil had been changed last . So i am thinking it has never been changed . I have the original General Motors Maintenance schedule , there is no mention in the schedule to change the power steering oil . Car has 120 k on it and car has been on dusty roads . How often should the oil be changed ? What is the best oil to use ?

Olds 307 and 403

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Oct 4, 2018
Melville, Saskatchewan
There used to be multiple synthetic options, very few now on shelf in our area. A basic replacement power steering fluid should work. GM had almost no issues unless a leak started on these Saginaw power steering pumps. Unlike Ford's which tended to overheat and blacken the fluid. A fluid transfer pump or something like an old, inaccurate antifreeze tester is one way. Rather than throw it out, use it as a fluid suction device. There is no drain, either suck it out or loosen the line fitting at the back to drain it out.

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