Delta 88 b body Ac drain


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Jul 7, 2020
Hi everyone I am new to this thread and
Perhaps someone could point me I. The right direction.
I have an 80 delta that insists on leaking water into the passenger floor. If I pour water into the screen of the heater box it comes out on the passenger mat.
I am thinking the drain is clogged up but I cannot find it to clear it.
does anyone know it's location or have a
Pic. Thanks


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Jul 7, 2020
Just incase anyone is down the same avenue. With a clogged Ac drain.
when you look it up online they tell you
To lift the car and look from underneath or
Remove the passenger fender 🙄.
if you remove the blower and put your hand in to the bottom and move you fingers toward the front of the car you will find the drain flap and be able to clear it.

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Oct 4, 2018
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Glad you found it. Yeah, a common problem. I just have a good floor mat to collect the water on my G body😁. The fresh air vents when left open with a rain with 70S does the same thing.

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Oct 20, 2020
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There is a good pic on a U tube video of a door flap water drain that is on the bottom on the firewall side of AC box . The u tube video is about removing , cleaning and installing a new gasket kit to the AC box. It says things get past the leaf gaurd / air intake /mesh screen and find there way down to the bottom of AC box . Video shows a water drain hole and a water flap / rubber door , door opens to let rain water out , but if it gets plugged up , the water cannot get out and builds up until water flows into passenger side floor . I have an AC box , i better find this water drain flap door and drain hole ! not sure how hard this will be to find/ see ! or will i have to remove blower fan ?
if this link does not work its G body AC box disassemble 1987 olds 442 video 35 , door drain is at about 4.20 min thanks hutchhiperf for the video .
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