1981to 1988 Cutlass Regal doors


Oct 3, 2018
Braceville Ohio
"Beautiful" doors with door panels (the new phrase is "door cards") working sport mirrors, all in great shape but the kicker is they are rust free. I bought these Doors in South Carolina 20 years ago. I always figured I'd need them but I never did. I really don't want to ship them. Oldspower price is $600 picked up. The outsides have a couple of scuffs. I don't have pictures of the outside but I do have the important areas where they all rust. Did I say RUST FREE? Manual crank working windows, glass great. Ohio 44481.20180901_100228.jpg20180901_100142.jpg20180901_100218.jpg20180901_100110.jpg20180901_100000.jpg