Turbo 400 trans

Roy Ale

Oct 20, 2020
Victoria BC
There is a 1968 Toronado in my area being parted out it has a 455 engine with a turbo 400 trans .
i have a TH 250c trans in the car now . I am not having any issues with the 250c , but if i ever do maybe i should not rebuild it . Maybe i should have a core of something else in a storage locker just in case i need it .
Question would the TH 400 from a 1968 Toronado fit my 1982 olds delta 88 with a 307 engine ? or is a TH 400 from a Toro some how different ?
Edited , did a bit of a search , this trans is from a front wheel drive car so trans might be a 425 not a 400 !
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