SBO serpentine kit adapter plates With mechanical fuel pump

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Oct 10, 2018
SBO Serpentine Adapter Plates with mechanical fuel pump.
Here are some pics of the SBO adapter plates I make to mount the mid 90's chevy serpentine brackets to a SBO with a mechanical fuel pump.
If you are installing this into a G-body it will require two button head cap screws. The bolt that goes directly over the fuel pump needs to be a BHCS. There just is no way to get a wrench on it with the fuel pump in place.
The other BHCS will be needed on the top of the steering gear box. It gives just a little extra clearance for the P.S. pulley.
I will include those as well as the Stainless Steel Cap screws to mount the adapter plates to the engine. The 4 metric bolts that mount the water pump pulley and the bolt for the lower support bracket will also be included. Two 3/8" bolts for the adapter plates to the lower support are included also.
You will want to get the bracket that supports the AC unit and the intake bolt off the donor truck. This piece keeps the belt from moving when you start the engine.
The ford crank will also need to be modified. The mounting holes need to be recut and the pilot hole needs to be welded and re-machined to the Olds dimension. I can do this for you also for an extra $40

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Oct 4, 2018
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One thing you need to find or it will not work is the RWD reverse rotation Olds 4.3 V6 diesel water pump. The FWD WP is different and won't work. These brackets will space everything properly and allow more than one bolt to attach the bracket to the drivers side. I plan on comparing the G body A/C line to the 94 sbc A/C truck compressor I have with my serpentine brackets.