Olds roots blown 350D block build


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Sep 3, 2023
Getting ready to start a 350D olds diesel build seen alot of talk in the past on builds on DX blocks so i need help in getting the right stuff ok street/strip maybe leaning a little more to strip since i already got a good street one efi set up i like the big and ulgy blower hat the bau1 style looking to make 1200hp-1500hp on methonal ssi super chager 8-71 or will i need bigger? bore size not sure but what to squeeze as many cubes as possible without over doing it gonna get a billet stroker crank and would like to see at least 440 cubes or is pushing it? Intake don't got a clue hear it has to be either a modified tunnel ram or a dual intake want to use edelbrock olds big block heads i hear you can get them modified to fit on the small block pistons and camshaft and lifters and connecting rods I'll let the engine builders get that as long as it's forged and name brand quality bottom end a full girdle msd distributor and would like and electric water pump these are the parts im gonna buy before i send the engine off need some input im all ears money wise im not worried about a budget so i want to do it right the first time so if it's any oldsmobile diesel guys out there im all ears tha

Olds 307 and 403

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Oct 4, 2018
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Hampton and Dyers offer the modified Olds roots intakes. Mark Remmel is doing a run of 4340 4" stroke cranks next year but in the gas 2.5" main size, $1500 US. You could run spacers, good luck.

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