My shop shop sucks but I am improving it somewhat

For some reason a person built the tiny 12 x 24 foot garage in a hole during a time when cars were huge. I finally got a truck load of junk to the dump that I accumulated. I have some fairly good tools and now have all the tools boxes on the driver's side. It isn't insulated but does have siding on it. The power to it is one lousy breaker from the house. It had a 7 by 8 foot flip up door, complete garbage, let a ton of air by and didn't even completely close. The lighting is lousy, so I bought a 7 by 9 foot roll up door with windows and a R16.9 insulation value which I am taking right to the passenger wall. It will make it massively easier to get in and out, basically just have to watch the driver's side when bringing a car in. The old flip up tracks made the opening about 7 feet, so an extra foot plus will be huge. I also need to fix huge cracks in the cement, then again it drains all the water that collects in the spring, which turns into ice, anything but 4 wheel drive is a nightmare to pull out of the garage in the winter or spring, I nearly did damage on the old tracks a few times. I will post pics when I am done.
Oct 10, 2018
Just do a little bit at a time and it will be just how you want it before you know. My garage was set up the same with only one breaker and two outlets. Now I have CNC machines and a furnace and a ton of outlets.
A separate power box with 200 amp service would be ideal but that is a ways away. I got the opening widened and the treated 4 x 6's cut for the main support posts. I also bought 2 more 12' 2x4's to help support the tracks.
Oct 8, 2018
Kokomo Indiana
Sigh. This sounds so familiar. I had a extra deep 2 1/2 car detached garage at my old house. When we moved into this house with a 2 car attached garage I said one of the first things I needed to do was build a garage. 10 years later, I’m still waiting. This past summer I decided I had waited long enough, and decided to get serious about building one. When I looked into the permits, I found out the county had a large drain running thru my backyard. To build anything bigger than what I basically have now would require moving my shed, pool, and taking up most of my backyard. Forget it. I have decided to get the kids out of school, and seriously downsize living space, but seriously upsize the garage space.
I too considered building one on site. I am betting they wouldn't allow me to go far enough into the alley and permits etc. Plus about 50 grand with 12 foot high ceilings and in floor heat. A door and sealing the huge cracks on the floor it is. I can cut down a tree in front gravel driveway to access the cement pad in the front of the back yard, one more working space for cars.
Door is sort of in place, I need the low profile track to clear in my shop. Will post pics tomorrow.
Finally the pics I promised. It is going to be extremely close on the passenger side due to a low roof and that being closer. I may have to get creative with the rafters. I still need the back bracing and the low headroom tracks. 20181111_140135.jpg 20181111_140245.jpg 20181111_140142.jpg
As you can see from the pics I am severely limited with head room. I am picking up the low headroom track and rear track braces. If I have to I will notch rafters and run the left spring on the inside, way more run just above the door. I should have it done by the end of next week.
Parts picked up. Looks like the bottom bracket needs cut, a different cable bracket on the bottom. I will probably move the door over 2" to right from inside, it should just clear the rafters that way.