Apr 2, 2019
I decided to look at my insurance earlier this year. I have homeowner's, specialty/classic vehicles, and my daily driver. My previous provider seemed ok, but I wasn't thrilled with them. They gave me some grief a year or two ago with my homeowner's, saying they couldn't renew my policy because a tree branch was touching my roof. (It WASN'T, and this particular company is supposed to be horrible with roof repairs anyway...) Also, their method of valuing older vehicles was not good, they wouldn't give me a fair value on any of my classic cars,, and I would have gotten a tiny check in the event of a total loss. So I ended up shopping, and went with a regular/classic combo. The regular insurance company was able to bundle the classic quote/policy with my regular insurance, everything is insured for proper value now, and my premiums were cut almost in half. If you haven't shopped insurance recently, you might be able to get better coverage, a better price, or both.

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