Got my 72 Supreme from its Slumber.


Oct 3, 2018
Ladson, SC
So here it is. My neglected 1972 Supreme. I bought this in 2003 or 2004 in Fayetteville, NC and drove it until it started raining inside the car and the front A arm bushings went bad. I parked it in 2007 thinking I would just amass parts needed to get it all right and I had a pretty good head start. Almost 12 years later, cancer has taken hold of her body and she is in a sad state. I am a realist. I did this to the car. It is the quintessential, "ran when parked and had a near perfect body" story. Well, she still runs and drives and moves on her own power. Started it up and it ran amazingly well on the bad gas. Has an oil leak of course and the power steering pump or hoses are shot so no driving it any distance. Roof is completely rotten. As in, don't set a ratchet on the roof, it will probably fall through. I'd imagine the worst for the floors. The once pretty blue interior is mold infested now. The lower quarters are now done, and the door trim has rot behind it. Lower fender dog legs are junk now too. I'm just disgusted with myself for doing this. I will eventually figure out what to do with her. But right now misery loves company. Oldspower Sticker.jpgSupreme Loade.jpg1972 Supreme.jpg
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Oct 3, 2018
Braceville Ohio
Jmo, part it out. Your story sounds like Deja vu to me. As I've posted, because of my car hauler and advertising, I was always finding field/project cars. I'd sell a lot but I accumulated a lot also. I had a set of perfect 70/72 doors/fenders/71/72 air induction hood w25? Anyway I came across a gutted out 72 Supreme project race car. I bought it because I had the parts. Years of tinker with it/put it to the side, then do it again. I never really liked a Supreme, go figure. Things done to it. New trunk floors, inner/outer fender wells, one new floor pan/patch floors, one new torque box. New half quarters, new trunk filler panel(vinal roof car) rebuilt 350, Rossler rebuilt the 350 turbo (wish I'd kept it) put all the doors/fenders/W25 hood, yada yada yada. From 2000 till I sold it this year. Hard to sell because nobody has any cash. I'm glad it's gone. 20180113_142210.jpg20180113_142234.jpg20171004_170729.jpg20171004_170702.jpg

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Oct 4, 2018
Melville, Saskatchewan
Ken, that Supreme turned out nice, I also don't care for them as much. I am so glad my 70 didn't have the rust hoarding top, I hardly wait to pull the top of my 88, I am sure it is ugly under there. Sell anything of value and let it go if it is a bad as you say.