Dr Olds mileage machine

Picture Dr Olds in a Nursing Home. He is old and bitter and has become very cheap as well. Igor comes to visit every week, telling him he just finished the 80 442 W30, the last it's kind. Dr Olds snaps at him, "Why didn't you use the 403?". Igor apologises and knows the Dr is right, he should have. He tells igor he has finally found a way to make the Baby Olds 260 somewhat driveable. He knew of GM's plan of an overdrive transmission the next year. Why not combine the 260 with forced air and small dual exhaust, the new 2004R and 3.42 gears. Surely GM would make a combo like this. Not choked exhaust, crappy 3spd and super tall gears. That would be painful to drive, I want a cheap to operate car that can beat a toddler on a tricycle at the stop light. Don't worry Dr, I am sure GM has the "Brain's" to build a car like that. Yes, Brain's!
As you know this is my overactive imagination trying to make my turd of a car sound interesting. As you may know, I pulled the 1 5/8" primary Sanderson shorty headers and 2.5" compact X pipe exhaust with Hooker Aerochamber mufflers off my 88 Cutlass, I had it on the 260, it actually brought the 260 on par with a good running 307 and sounded amazing and only slightly loud. I put that exhaust on my 70S, it just doesn't sound as good. I plan on putting back on the mileage machine, to make the power more respectable, should be even better now that the car has a 2004R instead of a TH350 and hopefully help mileage as well. I will be including before and after pictures of my 88 as I do body work on the car.
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I have also switched from 205/70R14 front and 215/75R14's back on steel rims. It will drop 150 RPM, minimum cruising speed going to Manitoba is 110 km/hr or 68 mph. If I drove 100 km/hr, 30 mpg imperial may be possible. I may try DoubleV's suggestion and put the stock air cleaner lid back on one way and check mpg, then try with the open top. I will also purchase a reusable dry air filter. I also used the Kleenflo top end cleaner down the carb before parking and will use their engine flush. I will use 5W50 full synthetic with Risoline concentrate to help desludge the baby Olds. What are you thoughts on friction modifiers? This being Motorcycle oil rated at SM has no friction modifiers, would there be any mpg gain with them? I wish a 0w20 or 0W16 oil was possible, not with the wear on the bottom end. Hoping to show body work within the next month on this car.