Demolition hammers are cool


Apr 2, 2019
In the process of completing the chain link fence around my backyard. There's a gap, where the only fence is the (bad) neighbors', so trying to connect my two areas up to the corner. Problem is, my existing corner post is technically six inches onto the bad neighbors' lot, so don't want to connect to that one. Was going to put a second corner post, six inches in and directly on my property line, but it would have to butt up to my existing fence. Decided to just put a new main corner post, six inches in. Problem here is, there's a massive concrete foundation for the existing corner post, at least 16 inches in diameter. Who does work like this? Anyway, there was NO WAY to do the job properly without causing some of this concrete to disappear. I don't have any experience with concrete work, so tried doing it with a pick axe. It was ugly. Finally between work, family obligations, and rain, I was able to get to Home Depot and rent a demolition hammer. This is a mind-blowingly cool tool. The work that took me hours with the pick axe would have taken literally 3 minutes with the hammer. Removed 15 pounds of solid concrete block in 30 minutes. I was expecting it to feel like a hand-held .50 cal machine gun. It was actually surprisingly mild. And yet the concrete just melted like butter. Sometimes I think "right tool for the job" is overrated, and then I find the right tool for the next job, and I'm impressed all over again.