Cleaning out the garage!!

Oct 8, 2018
Kokomo Indiana
MSD 3 Stage timing retard box. I had this on my car before I went EFI so I know for a fact it works as designed. $75 or make offer 3D5E8C8A-ED02-431B-864E-D0633E4BE584.jpeg FD793103-EE49-4A9A-887C-61A4383471CF.jpeg NOS nitrous bottle valve. This was in my car several years ago, surely somebody can use it? $50 or make offer? 1DE608DB-A3B9-4930-81C1-ABB2471454F8.jpeg 2 K&N air filters. One measures 14x3, the other is slightly smaller, maybe 13.5x 3 20 bucks each, or make offer? Hopefully you in readerland can read the part numbers A8C931B6-74F8-46AC-AC6F-906B7F976F51.jpeg Competition Enginering 3 way adjustable rear shocks. These were on my 69 Olds, the will fit 64-72 A body cars for sure, I think the will also fit later B and G body cars also. No hydraulic oil leaks, the usual road rash. 40 or make offer? 91491280-2E06-4316-BF79-FA71CD4AF3ED.jpeg Aftermarket replacement shifter cable. I bought this for a 87 Cutlass, sold the car. 4 speed automatic trans, never used. 20 bucks make offer?


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