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Oct 3, 2018
Braceville Ohio
It's been a little sloooow on this forum so maybe this thread will liven it up.
Over the years, my car hobby got carried away a bit. I had always planned on selling/downsizing after I retired. Well, I've been retired over 6 years. I've done a little downsizing but not much. The demand for Olds cars/parts has decreased and cash money is scares at least in N.E.Ohio. My Daughter "the Attorney" suggests I should get rid of some of my "stuff" jokingly but ????
Unfortunately I've lost a lot of my pictures of my cars. One car sold was a 1974 Monte Carlo (I had bought one new) 406 four bolt mains, aftermarket iron heads, Rossler transmission, 3:42 posi. It was plumbed for NOS, used once, broke the transmission. Then Carl Rossler built a 350 Turbo for it. Never tried it again. 40K miles body, broke even on the money, labor free.
Next car was a winter ride to the steel mill I worked at. 1975 Jeep Wagoner, rebuilt 360, ran good, a real tank, the weather never stopped it. I made a couple of bucks on it.
Next car (1971 Delta Royale convertible) was sitting outside for some years with dogs living underneath on it. Thankfully it was on concrete. I cleaned dog hair for the undercarriage for years. I re-did the engine, body, top &interior, pretty much the usual money pit. I drove this car the most since back in the days they were every day drivers. I've always liked convertibles and I only sold this car about 15 months ago to motivate me to getting a project 1967 442 convertible done, maybe I'll get it ready for spring, I hope.
Next car I sold this spring was a 1972 Supreme. I wrote the story in another thread about this 18 years project.
I never "lost" actual money but I did lose value on my labor. Because of my car hauler and flashing cash I've bought my cars very reasonable. I always jokingly say, "you make the money when you buy the car."


Apr 2, 2019
Don't know if this post almost five months later constitutes "livening it up" here, but here it is anyway. I bought my first Oldsmobile in 1995, it was a ten year old Toronado. It was a great car, and I have a lot of fond memories of it, but I didn't keep it for very long. I think it needed axles or something. Ended up doubling my money on it anyway. Don't have any pictures of that one.

In 1996 I bought a brand new F-body, but that was too nice to drive, so I also bought a used F-body that was a couple years old, so I could drive one. It was ALSO too nice to drive though ha ha, so I stored both of them and bought an '84 Delta 88 sedan. Strangely, that was such a nice, comfortable, reliable car, that the Olds bug stuck. I only kept the Delta 88 for a few years, but it will go down as one of my more memorable cars, 307, 4-doors and all.



And since this is a conversation starter of a thread, I might as well post a couple pictures of my most recent sale. 1974 'Cuda. I bought this car in 1988, and moved it from storage spot to storage spot, until I could afford to get the body and engine work done. I did throw a 440 in it in the early '90s, more to store the engine, but it physically fit, so I decided to hook it up. Ended up building it as a '74 440 Six BBL "what if?" car. Did everything but the body and paint, engine, and trans myself. When I was done, it was pretty close to perfect, and I just couldn't bring myself to drive it. Because it was a MoPar E-body, I was able to get all of my investment out, except for my labor, as you mentioned.




Olds 307 and 403

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Oct 4, 2018
Melville, Saskatchewan
Our 81 Delta 88 4 door was the best car our family owned growing up, only paid $500, the maintenance receipts from new were unreal, very well taken care of. The 75 Cutlass 4 door with an Olds 350 was a close second, it was bagged hard at the end.