Oct 3, 2018
GP403 from GBodyForum here.

Yep, you heard the rumors correctly. We're bringing back! Unfortunately, the old data is no more. Meaning we have to rebuild the whole thing from scratch.

Oldspower was one of THE Oldsmobile resources out there, and with your help we can try to make it one once again. IF you were a part of the old site, feel free to sign up and join in this thread. For the next week or so I'll be putting things together, so don't pay too much attention to things not working, or things not looking exactly correct, etc.

If you're new to Oldspower or GBodyForum, same thing! All you need is a passion for Oldsmobiles and a willingness to learn and to help others learn.

So lets hear your ideas for how to make this place great again.


Oct 3, 2018
Inola, OK
Well, I put the same forum structure and descriptions as existed before.** Only I moved the moderated tech article section into a resources section here. A lot more flexible and I think its what you guys would have wanted that to be....

The theme is still bone-stock... give me a while to come up with some decent modifications, a nice logo, you know, that stuff.

Otherwise, start breaking sh*t!

** the last record I can find was from in Sept. 2015. This is NOT set in stone. If you guys want to change things, make more categories, forums, etc. I'm all ears. Yes, we will have a classifieds section real soon now.
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