1. GP403

    LIVE at the 2019 Oldsmobile Club of America Nationals - OFFICIAL THREAD

    Hey everyone. This will be the OFFICIAL discussion thread for the 2019 Wichita OCA Nationals on the site. Nothing stopping you from starting your own thread, but this is where I'll be posting coverage, live updates, videos, etc. throughout the event. You can always refer back to this/the...
  2. GP403

    2019 OCA Oldsmobile Nationals, Wichita KS, June 25-30

    There's not a lot of online info right now, but the 2019 OCA Nationals are in Wichita KS, June 25th-30th. I will update this thread as I learn more. I'm like 3 hrs away, so there's no real excuse for me not to turn up. Hopefully I'll see some of you there. The only info I can find so far is...