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Sep 3, 2023
Hello trying to decide on which fuel to use between methanol,sunoco gt 260 or just pump gas for a street/strip 8-71 roots blown im shooting for 1300hp to 1500hp the block is a olds 350DX billet stroker crank 4"stoke bored 60 over the super charger will be a littlefield hi helix delta bottom i was wondering about the LB22 or is that over kill for my goal ok so i wanted to run methonal but im hearing how corrosive it is and some say keep the tank full others say no you got to drian it and blow out your lines and all type of head aches they say it makes the best power and no intercooler i don't believe i can make that power with pump gas and will need a intercooler i hear air to air intercoolers are more simple so is it possible on 100 octane i just want something simple least dangerous and worry free but i want that power level and if i have to go methanol than give me some advice

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Oct 4, 2018
Melville, Saskatchewan
Unfortunately limited traffic here. Yeah, alcohol is corrosive and absorbs moisture. Joining Classic Oldsmobile and posting in their high performance forum should get some answers.

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