Hey guys, can you tell me what I have? Performance wise?


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Feb 24, 2024
Long story short... I bought a big block Oldsmobile motor about 17 years ago. I had it professionally rebuilt and assembled by a machine shop about 14 years ago. I had hand-picked all the parts at the recommendation of a few people, and the engine has literally been sitting in a storage unit for about 14 years on an engine stand. I'll share as much information as I remember... but I'm hoping you can tell me effectively "what this is" in terms of performance. Meaning, is it built for a land yacht (low and mid-range power) or is it built for something that really screams... like an F-body. For the life of me, I cannot remember at all how it was built up... and I kind of want to buy a car to put this in, rather than buy a car and then find an engine so to speak.


This is all I remember / know about the motor:

- 1969 Oldsmobile 455 Big Block (69 "F" Block, F1 [High Nickle Content])
- 1969 Oldsmobile 455 "C" Large-Port Heads (2.07:1 Intake / 1.72:1 Exhaust Valves, Stainless Steel)
- TRW Forged Pistons .030 Overbore (w/ Chrome Moly rings)
- 1969 Hardened Crank / Forged Rods (Shot peened / polished)
- Joe Mondello JM-20-22 Camshaft (1400-5800 RPM Range, 0.496 In. Lift / 0.512 Exh. Lift)
- Crane 1.6:1 Gold Race Roller Rockers
- Cloyes Tru-Roller Roller Timing Chain
- 1972 Rochester QuadraJet (Tuned for a 72 Olds 455)
- GM Performance Parts Hi-Volume Oil Pump
- Port & Polish of the cyl heads

Last point... before I put the engine away in storage, I filled it with oil, including spraying tons of lubricant in the combustion chambers. Like, I added 4-5 extra quarts of oil to the already 5 quarts that were already in there. I did this because I'd hoped at least that it wouldn't rust or seize. For a while, I'd go to the storage unit once every couple of years and turn the crank just to make sure it still spun. Last time I even looked at it (other than visually) was about 6 years ago. It's been completely wrapped up though in plastic with a massive dessicant bag with it, and has been stored in a relatively dry storage unit. it's in Central Florida... but the unit stays dry. Other than drain it and add fresh oil... is there anything I need to do if I was going to start this motor up? It's never been fired up. Still has the assembly lube everywhere.


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Oct 4, 2018
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It should run pretty good. I would add more stall vs stock, something like 2000 rpm plus. I say it will pull hard in the mid range. What year car, trans and rear? Drain the oil, pull the plugs. I would use dedicated high ZDDP break in oil, I used Lucas 30 weight racing oil and prelube the motor with a drill. I used a 1/2" drill with socket adapter and taped the 5/16" socket to the drill adapter and turn counter clockwise. Turn it by hand to make sure everything is lubed. Then crank the motor over without the plugs to blow the lube out if the cylinders. Good luck.

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