3 Of The Top Rated Muscle Cars Ever Made

ford-996063_640There’s one good thing that came out of the auto industry in the 60s and the 70s – muscle cars. The big companies fought hard for supremacy that resulted in an extensive range of extremely powerful models that still are featured at car shows today.

But which muscle car reigns supreme? Trying to create a top ten, five or even the best three list offers headaches to a number of enthusiasts. Here is my personal top three muscle cars based on number of different criteria including age, horse power, and of course – beauty!

1.The 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 aka The Cobra 

Introduced in the year 1967 as a follow up to the GT350, The Shelby GT500 is what made Mustang when it provided a 355 horse power that came out of 428 cubic-inch engine, Designed with the intention of making this car more-usable in regards to road-going, the GT500 was an instant-hit and is still one of the highly sought after models of Mustang’s to this very day. And who could forget “Little Red”?

2.1970 Chevrolet Chevelle 454 SS

This car featured a 454 cubic-inches V8 engine, this model offered a phenomenal 450 horse power and was known as the highest in output for production cars, which took the era of muscle cars to its limits. The interior touches with the a combination of wooden panels and leather seats set the standard on beauty.

1.1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZLI 427

This particular model of the Chevrolet’s is known as one of the rarest when it comes to muscle cars made in the US. Only 69 of these cars were ever built and this ZLI came with an outrageous 500 horse power engine This enabled these muscle beasts to increase its speed from 0 to 60 miles an hour in just 5 seconds, The performance of this car is what contributed to its success and this version still maintains a distinction as one of the most powerful and fastest muscle cars ever produced.

How to Segregate Your Email Lists for Improved Targeting

Building up an email list is a powerful thing. In fact, few things are as effective, because an email reaches the personal space of the client. The moment they provide an email, they give you a chance to stay in contact. But are you using it right? More importantly, how do you segregate your email lists for improved targeting?

It’s astonishing to think the majority of internet marketers aren’t using a focused and more targeted approach. The good news is that you can be part of the minority of marketers that get it right.

Use The Right Tools And Software

If you have money to invest, why not look into some stable software. Some quality programs on the market will make the segmenting process a lot easier.

Gather Interests

Grouping your health email list will be a lot easier once you understand their preferences better. The best way to do this is to ask them relevant questions.

When would they like to receive an email? And what should the emails entail? You want to figure out if they’re only looking for special discounts, or do they want to stay up to date with the business and follow more news regarding other developments?

With more knowledge about who you’re sending emails to, the more targeted they’ll be.

Stay In Touch With New Subscribers

Keep your new subscribers on a separate list, and make sure to remain in contact with them. Nothing is worse than getting one email, and never hearing from the company again.

Look At Their Purchasing History

Another effective way to segment email lists is by purchasing history. This will give you a better idea of who you should be up selling to.

It’s critical that you start sending more targeted emails if you want to make the most out of them.

Hedge and Ditch Presumption

The Hedge and Ditch Presumption is a law that tends to come up from time to time when it comes to setting down a boundary.

Here is more on what this law entails for those who are looking to lay down a barrier and might want to do things according to the books.

What Is Hedge and Ditch Presumption?

The premise of this is for agricultural land where property boundaries are of utmost importance.

What this presumption does is explain where the property boundary lies if there are a hedge and ditch in between where the edge is supposed to be. This can happen, and the rule is the edge goes on the other side of the ditch.

Benefits of Hedge and Ditch Presumption

1) Simple To Understand

The reason it is useful has a lot to do with how simple it makes everything.

You don’t have to waste time nor do you have to overthink how the property boundary is going to lay. This is key for those who are looking to move things along at a faster pace.

2) Creates Uniform Expectations

The one thing most people note is the fact this is a difficult issue to deal with, and the presumption helps keep things in order. You don’t want to argue over this for too long or make it a legal issue. The assumption makes sure everyone is aware of how things work.

This is what the Hedge and Ditch Presumption brings to the table and why it is an important option for those who are looking to divide their property from nearby properties.

Those who want to know how to become a hedge fund manager to get things moving along will know this presumption is going to come in handy. It is one of the most practical solutions for handling boundary-related troubles that may arise along the way.

Why Diesel Cars Are Becoming Less Popular in Many Countries

There are many new car buyers today that are selecting gas powered models over those that run on diesel. This brings about an end to an otherwise extended period of dominance in the field by the diesel models. Studies are showing that as of 2014, diesel vehicles accounted for about half of the new car market.

Due to a combination of new factors, such as the boost in fuel prices and concerns that came about from pollution and the emissions scandal with Volkswagen, there has been a significant dent put into the popularity of diesel models. More of the recent studies today are showing that even though there was an increase of diesel models on the market, the purchase totals went down by about 1.1% overall. This comes after a bigger 2.1% fall just before that.

Today, just about 3% of the market is made up of AFVs or fueled vehicles, which includes hybrids and electric cars. This is a major rise with over 20% on sales for the first several months of 2016 alone. Why is it that it seems as though diesel cars are less popular today?

This could be due in large part to the scandals; however, there is a lot to be said about the rise in electric cars and hybrids, along with the advantages that come from using gasoline. Those who drive gasoline-powered vehicles tend to see falls in pricing at the pump.

Where the future lies for diesel powered vehicles may remain uncertain for the foreseeable future, with many people looking for cost efficient alternatives that are going to be easier on their wallets, as well as the environment. If you are searching for a newer vehicle for potential purchase or best auto lease deals and specials in NY, will you be buying or leasing diesel, or something else? If you plan to lease you can check the Car leasing special offers website, as well as for buy find the brands authorized site.

Generating More Leads in NY City With the Help of a Search Engine Optimization Agency

Starting a website is something anybody with a PC and a server can do. It’s been simplified so effectively that individuals without any coding experience or knowledge can quickly join the masses with their message. But this might also be a sign that you should be generating more leads in NY City with the help of a Search Engine Optimization agency.

As the wave of website starters continue to grow, the competition to make your site turn a profit gets more complicated. Already there are thousands of e-commerce sites where you can shop. And these sites are competing against heavyweights such as Amazon.

At the same time, it creates banner blindness. There are so many sales pitches already making rounds; it gets more challenging regarding grabbing attention as well.

No, it’s not impossible to start a site that’s capable of attracting high-quality leads. But it requires some extensive knowledge about the internet and how to get more traffic to your website in order to grow your business. Because the best place is to be at the top of a search engine list. From there everything gets a little easier.

Nobody is stopping you from taking the time to learn the whole process. If it’s something you think you can handle, you should follow your best judgment.

But there are some things you have to keep in mind, like do you have the time to figure it all out? Can you make time for split testing while creating content rich pages? How efficiently can you build links to other sites?

The truth is search engine optimization covers a lot of areas. And one mistake can lead to big penalties. If you look at the cost of using a professional SEO agency and how it will benefit you, maybe you should consider them. Unless search engine optimization is somewhat of passion, let the professionals handle it.

Know Your Manly Drinks

scotch-whisky-461880_640While there are many great liquors out there, in general there are three types of liquors that represent the epitome of “being manly.” When you go to your next car show and you really want to impress visitors, food and beverage consultant, Jenny Dorsey, suggests the following three drinks will make you and your car more “manly”.

Is there any drink that has ever been more manly than whiskey? The answer is no. The traditional drink for someone who wants their drink strong but also appreciates the different flavors that can come with a good burn from a strong liquor. While whiskey has its roots in Ireland and Scotland, it has absolutely flourished in the United States, as well.

There are many different types of whiskey, and the taste can vary greatly between brands. Five Star, Johnny Walker, Jameson, and Jack Daniels are just a few of the many popular brands found virtually everywhere. Get a little bit of education and learn the high end from the mixers, and you’ll be able to fully appreciate whiskey, too.

The refined cousin of whiskey, Scotch is often seen as the “gentleman’s version” of whiskey. Made in Scotland, one of the first things to learn is the difference between single malt and double malt and to learn whether you like very clean or peaty tasting Scotch to find one that you can claim as your own.

Moonshine has a reputation (and a kick) that is second to none. Powerful, unrefined, and often famous for being made by an individual with a still as opposed to a large company, being able to handle a few sips of moonshine out of a Mason Jar is a rite of passage in many areas. No reason you can’t hit both sides of the spectrum – the gentleman and the burly man.

Moonshine Boys

Nothing looks quite as badass as these cars and the guys riding them. Whether you are sipping on moonshine or whisky and get in trouble with the law. These were the good old days.