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  1. Matt69olds

    Cruise servo

    I need a cruise servo and throttle linkage from a 82 (I think) and up 307 engine. I’m pretty sure any servo with 2 vacuum ports and no cable driven transducer will work. Price with shipping to 46902, thanks!!!
  2. Matt69olds

    Trans crossmember

    Anyone in readerland know of a vendor that makes a tubular trans crossmember? I want something that drops straight down, as opposed to sitting inside the frame. With the gear vendor, big exhaust, and driveshaft loop, getting the trans out is a huge pain!! Btw, 69 Olds Cutlass, th400. Thanks
  3. Matt69olds

    Aux input to factory GM radio?

    I just bought a 05 Grand Prix for number 2 daughter. Her 3 requests, no red car, she wanted a car younger than her, and the stereo needed a aux input to allow her iPod/phone/whatever to play in the car. The first 2 requests are done, hoping to take care of number 3. I originally planned to...
  4. Matt69olds

    ‘Tis the season

  5. Matt69olds

    Body saw.

    Can anyone in teaderland recommend a body saw that works, and doesn’t cost the equivalent of a months worth of groceries? I bought a cheap one from harbor freight, it won’t cut plastic without the blade stopping. I see the guys on the car and truck shows go thru sheet metal like a hot knife...
  6. Matt69olds


    ‘‘Tis the season! How many of you in readerland dread holiday/birthday/whatever for your significant other? I have a “no household item as gifts” policy. I refuse to buy pots/pans, appliances, etc as gifts. To me, gifts are suppose to be personal and thoughtful. I would rather give her...
  7. Matt69olds

    Funny stuff found on the internet

    Got this idea from another forum.
  8. Matt69olds

    WANTED Cruise parts

    I had a box with the intact cruise system from my 87 Olds. Now that I need it, I can’t find it. I figure the easiest way to find it is to get a replacement. So, I need a cruise servo and mounting bracket, wiring harness, the cruise control box, etc, for a 87 Olds. Look over my for sale ad, maybe...
  9. Matt69olds

    swap meet items

    I thought of this after reading the previous thread about selling something you wish you hadn’t, and cheap? Have you ever scrapped or thrown away something, then kicked yourself after seeing the same item sell in a swap meet, for a decent price? Things like hubcaps, factory air cleaners, bumper...
  10. Matt69olds

    Left handed!!!

    I’m also a leftie, so I would have noticed. Eventually.
  11. Matt69olds

    Rebuilt transmissions

    I have several rebuilt TH400 transmissions: Chevy 4x4 $600 BOP 400 with Coan transbrake, many internal performance and durability upgrades $800 BOP TH400 street/strip automatic shift valve body. Premium clutches, lots of internal upgrades $700 Chevy TH400 with Coan transbrake steel clutch...
  12. Matt69olds

    Rocket powered power windows

    I just finished rewiring the power windows on my dads 81 GMC truck (455 Olds powered of course!). It suffered from the typical slooow moving windows. GM G body cars use the same wiring, and suffer from the same issue. All that is required to fix it are 4 single pole, double throw relays...
  13. Matt69olds

    Cleaning out the garage!!

    MSD 3 Stage timing retard box. I had this on my car before I went EFI so I know for a fact it works as designed. $75 or make offerNOS nitrous bottle valve. This was in my car several years ago, surely somebody can use it? $50 or make offer?2 K&N air filters. One measures 14x3, the other is...
  14. Matt69olds

    Oldspower is back?! Im buying a lottery ticket!!

    I just wanted everyone to know, Matt69olds is back on Oldspower. I think we can all agree the world is now a better place.