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  1. Olds 307 and 403

    SN oil in a 40 or 50 weight

    I did a post on Classic Olds but never really found my answer til my last search. My understanding is a ##W40 or a ##W50 weight oil is exempt from the 800 ppm zddp SN maximum which is just weird and doesn't really make sense. It does make me rethink certain oil I assumed were no good because of...
  2. Olds 307 and 403

    Cutlass Camino.....

    Pretty cool conversion's indeed.
  3. Olds 307 and 403

    Iron heads and 91 pump gas

    Another option is these nearly fresh heads with 2 05"/1.56" valves with the bowls opened. I could do some blending on them, add roller springs, new seals and bring the chamber from 62-64cc to 70cc. That would give me 9.6 to 1 with 0 deck and a .040" gasket, 9.4 to 1 .010" in the hole.
  4. Olds 307 and 403

    Iron heads and 91 pump gas I will probably copy this build, whether I use my #8 heads or use Procomp heads. I like idea of using my TH350C, adding a 2500 stall with just a shift kit and keep my 2.78 gears, perfect...
  5. Olds 307 and 403

    Iron heads and 91 pump gas

    I could use #8 heads, I have a set in good shape, J's are nearly indentical to #8 other than slightly bigger runners and intake valve, the flow numbers are nearly identical stock, chamber size is close and both have that stupid lip under the exhaust valve. But it means some milling, bowl hog...
  6. Olds 307 and 403

    Dr Olds mileage machine

    I have also switched from 205/70R14 front and 215/75R14's back on steel rims. It will drop 150 RPM, minimum cruising speed going to Manitoba is 110 km/hr or 68 mph. If I drove 100 km/hr, 30 mpg imperial may be possible. I may try DoubleV's suggestion and put the stock air cleaner lid back on one...
  7. Olds 307 and 403

    My shop shop sucks but I am improving it somewhat

    Parts picked up. Looks like the bottom bracket needs cut, a different cable bracket on the bottom. I will probably move the door over 2" to right from inside, it should just clear the rafters that way.
  8. Olds 307 and 403

    Another selling thread

    I too used to love eBay, not as good anymore. Then Kiijji up here, I found my current great running Olds 350 for $120 and #6 heads totally rebuilt with the bowls opened and 2.05" intake valves for $400. The guy actually took down the ad as soon I said I would take them. Now Olds motors, 4L80E...
  9. Olds 307 and 403

    Iron heads and 91 pump gas

    Yes, I had pinging. I don't know if it was the shitty quench combined with the small 204/214 cam, but guessing. It wasn't as fun at part throttle with limited timing but ran Ok at the track.
  10. Olds 307 and 403

    The Nightmare project continues.....

    I am pretty sure the passenger front wheel bearing is the one that is dying but I am changing both. I am also throwing 75W140 in the front diff. Then even even if I have use a paper clip to probe the connector to figure out where #7 and #8 are so they actually fire where they are supposed to...
  11. Olds 307 and 403

    My shop shop sucks but I am improving it somewhat

    As you can see from the pics I am severely limited with head room. I am picking up the low headroom track and rear track braces. If I have to I will notch rafters and run the left spring on the inside, way more run just above the door. I should have it done by the end of next week.
  12. Olds 307 and 403

    Iron heads and 91 pump gas

    I plan on getting the 424 ci 403 short block together next year. I have ported #6 heads with positive seals, 2"/1.625" valves and filled crossover's. Other than new springs for the roller cam along with new positive seals, I will probably leave them alone. Problem is the 55cc chamber, it puts at...
  13. Olds 307 and 403

    Restamped parts and the idiots on both sides

    Anyone who restamp's regular low value parts as valuable W30 parts are horrible people. The guy who has to have every part date coded, pays ridiculous money and looks down their nose at anyone who's car isn't is also a horrible person and has ruined our hobby. Personally, if I bought a W30 and...
  14. Olds 307 and 403

    INTRO 455 Jet Boat Power

    A bit too far and my main goal with my boat is fishing. I want find one light enough to pull with my Challenger as well.
  15. Olds 307 and 403

    INTRO 455 Jet Boat Power

    There was an older one with a redone interior and an Olds 350 that came up local awhile ago, I was so tempted. Very jealous:).
  16. Olds 307 and 403

    My shop shop sucks but I am improving it somewhat

    Finally the pics I promised. It is going to be extremely close on the passenger side due to a low roof and that being closer. I may have to get creative with the rafters. I still need the back bracing and the low headroom tracks.
  17. Olds 307 and 403

    Got my 72 Supreme from its Slumber.

    Ken, that Supreme turned out nice, I also don't care for them as much. I am so glad my 70 didn't have the rust hoarding top, I hardly wait to pull the top of my 88, I am sure it is ugly under there. Sell anything of value and let it go if it is a bad as you say.
  18. Olds 307 and 403

    Any Ash Vs Evil Dead fans out there

    This year, nearly every show I watched was cancelled. This one, Timeless, Last Man on Earth and Librarian's were all some of my favorites, all ended last year and at least a couple were left hanging.
  19. Olds 307 and 403

    Valve cover gaskets

    I currently have the Rocket Racing rubber valve cover gaskets. Thicker than the Felpro and the rigid carrier is nice.
  20. Olds 307 and 403

    My shop shop sucks but I am improving it somewhat

    Door is sort of in place, I need the low profile track to clear in my shop. Will post pics tomorrow.