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  1. oldsofb

    Oldsmobile T-Shirts

    I have a few Olds designs if anyone's interested. Here's a link to my T-Shirt Shop.
  2. oldsofb

    SSIII Wheel Assembly

    Some pics and a video of me assembling my wheels. Hutch
  3. oldsofb

    Fav Olds Engine Pic

    I love the Olds Metallic Blue myself Hutch
  4. oldsofb

    87 Olds Rally Gauge Refurbish

    Disassembly on the bench: You will need a 1/4 inch nut driver and a 7 mm nut driver (for the gear indicator if you have a column shift and plan to convert to center console) Remove the (4) 1/4 inch screws that hold the clear lens on. (Note the poor condition of the lens plastic) The same 4...
  5. oldsofb

    R.I.P OLDS T-Shirts for sale

    I have some left over R.I.P. Olds T-Shirts from a past run I did. I sold some on the old site and on ROP. $20 with free shipping. I have the following left: 7 - XL's 11 - 2XL's FRONT BACK PM me if your...
  6. oldsofb

    What's Up

    Hello everyone. Glad this got relaunched. Looking forward to all the fun. What I've got: 87 442 455 - in progress TH400 - in progress too F**D 9 inch rear 18x8 Billet SSIII's I hope to have it look like this when I'm done. Hutch