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    OK so I paid a company $10 (I know right) to get a full copy of the now apparently defunct from web. archive. org (from may 2018) and wouldn't you know it they wrapped it up in some [email protected]$t proprietary system that I'll be damned if I'm posting up publicly anywhere bc I don't actually...
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    LIVE at the 2019 Oldsmobile Club of America Nationals - OFFICIAL THREAD

    Hey everyone. This will be the OFFICIAL discussion thread for the 2019 Wichita OCA Nationals on the site. Nothing stopping you from starting your own thread, but this is where I'll be posting coverage, live updates, videos, etc. throughout the event. You can always refer back to this/the...
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    HELP Need a big favor! - YouTube Subs needed!

    So, I'm getting stuff prepped for the OCA Nationals, and decide hey I need to test this live streaming stuff again bc you know you can't test enough and WTF do I discover? That YouTube has put a NEW POLICY that channels with less than 1000 subscribers CANNOT do mobile live streaming. WTF...
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    Oldspower "Spotted" Thread

    spotted on I-44 in SW MO on Sunday....
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    r134 conversion parts list

    repost from GBF bc I figure you guise might know more or at least the same :D so I'm looking at putting together a parts stash to do an r134 conversion on my '81 Grand Prix, the AC system is literally the original one that came in the car with the Olds diesel. The thing also hasn't worked in...
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    468ci - 500hp Olds combo
  7. GP403

    1980 442 Wichita (NOT MINE)

    repeat: NOT MINE. If I didn't have 3 cars already I would be all over this. Believe me, I'm still on the fence. $2250 OBO yes its on FB marketplace, didn't find it on wichita CL, but it might be elsewhere who knows.
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    RESOURCE Electrical/Interior: G-Body Rallye Pac Conversion

    GP403 submitted a new resource: Electrical/Interior: G-Body Rallye Pac Conversion - Convert your G-Body sweep gauge/lights to full gauges. Read more about this resource...
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    RESOURCE Oldsmobile Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    GP403 submitted a new resource: Oldsmobile Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - I hope you find this FAQ useful. It is an accumulation of knowledge shared on the Olds Mail List Read more about this resource...
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    As always, PLEASE report any bugs or errors you come across. I can't fix stuff if I don't know its broken.... So here's the first. Looks like creating a personal album isn't working, something is jacked up between the Reactions addon and the Media Gallery addon. I'm working on the issue...
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    2019 OCA Oldsmobile Nationals, Wichita KS, June 25-30

    There's not a lot of online info right now, but the 2019 OCA Nationals are in Wichita KS, June 25th-30th. I will update this thread as I learn more. I'm like 3 hrs away, so there's no real excuse for me not to turn up. Hopefully I'll see some of you there. The only info I can find so far is...
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    Welcome to the NEW

    I'm GP403, you may know me from where I'm the admin. I'm currently the owner of an '87 Cutlass Supreme ("Betty Rumble"), and of course my Olds 403 powered '81 Pontiac Grand Prix (aka "The Grey Car"). There's a '78 Cutlass rotting in the back yard with a 455 in it. One of these...
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    Site Changelog

    Forgot to start one of these here, so here we go... Domain acquired (hot damn) XF licenses bought (core, xfrm, xfmg) Theme bought (uix2) All installed and configured, seems to be working added to cloudflare Fixed attachment size issue added classifieds section implemented trader feedback...
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    Classifieds Rules Etc.

    The Classifieds sections here on are for trading OLDSMOBILE related stuff only. I also ask that you follow a few simple rules here, too: BUYER BEWARE - SELLER BEWARE -- Do your own due diligence before buying or selling anything via the internet. See the disclaimer below. No...