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  1. JimH.

    New home for my Olds

    It’s only 720 square feet which is 30x24 with 15’ high ceiling it’s the largest they would let me build in my area without getting the neighbor hood involved
  2. JimH.

    New home for my Olds

    Cathedral ceiling for the 4 post lift arriving next month. Almost done insulating then next week start hanging the drywall, can’t wait.
  3. JimH.

    87 Olds Rally Gauge Refurbish

    Super bright LEDs have a great selection, I used green ones for turn signals then blue for brights also I think I used a variety of lengths to get the best light. While you have it out take measurements of how long a bulb you can use. My car is in storage but next time I’ll take a picture with...
  4. JimH.

    87 Olds Rally Gauge Refurbish

    One of the best things I did was to replace all the old bulbs with LED ones, it’s amazing how much brighter the gauge cluster is. I’m assuming you own a 442 that is the only year you can get the factory original 120 mph speedometer.
  5. JimH.

    Optima Battery

    So after 8 yrs the red top finally took a crap did a little research and went with the yellow top. Started the Olds up and when the electric fans came on no drop in my voltage think I’ll be able to run the A/C this year with no problems.
  6. JimH.


    84 Hurst/Olds #2250 Feb 6,1984 owned since 1989