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  1. Matt69olds

    What chevy engine can I swap into my 86 442?

    Where have you been hiding??? How has life been treating you? Del city carries the ATO fuse terminals. They come in strips of 4, or individually.!way-Fuse-Block-Terminal-Strip/p_11129.h_26968 It’s been awhile since I messed with a G fuse box, I don’t recall if...
  2. Matt69olds

    Colonnade engine/frame/body grounds

    There was probably a 10-12 gauge pigtail that went from the negative battery terminal to the body. There was probably also a heavy cable or braided cable the went from a bolt on the intake or bellhousing bolt to the body. If there isn’t one now, it would be pretty easy to add. Get a couple feet...
  3. Matt69olds

    Olds engine parts for sale

    What’s the part number on the cam?
  4. Matt69olds

    Ignition spark

    Any parts store can check the ignition module. If the coil wires are burnt then the coil got hot. Do you have a tach connected to the tach terminal? If so make sure the tach wire isn’t grounded out somewhere. Look at the wires to the pickup coil, make sure they haven’t broken.