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  1. SupremeSpeed

    Opinions on Color combo selection

    Hey guys I would like to have you guys opinion on going with this two tone cake combo, on the Salon. Also eventually I'll be adding a functional dual scoop hood. I also need your opinions on which color to add to the top of the scoops. The light brown from the bottom panels or the darker shade...
  2. SupremeSpeed

    Supreme Speed Salon

  3. SupremeSpeed

    What did you do to your Olds powered vehicle today?

    Keep me posted on how it performs. Looks like it's made well.
  4. Suprem Speed Salon

    Suprem Speed Salon

    Picture Documentation of my 87 T top Salon build process
  5. 20200403_150740.jpg


  6. SupremeSpeed

    Rocket powered power windows

    Thank you, that is great information.
  7. SupremeSpeed

    350 D/DX gas conversion guideline

    I have one but I bought it built. From what I hear they are really good for big torque.
  8. SupremeSpeed

    What did you do to your Olds powered vehicle today?

    Well I didn't get all this work done in one day, but I have been off for a week, and took advantage of this time to get some work done. Few small details then it'll be time to drop in the motor and transmission.
  9. SupremeSpeed

    Supreme Speed Salon

    Made little progress over the holiday. I painted a few pieces and started work on the driveshaft. My intentions were to black out the under carriage of the Salon, but after seeing a clean driveshaft, I think I just want everything clean, polished and protected from rust. I've seen a few metal...
  10. SupremeSpeed

    My best Oldsmobile tool

    Thanks for sharing. It is really aggravating and hard on my knees.
  11. SupremeSpeed

    Supreme Speed Salon

    No the motor didn't look anything like that at all. However, it did have a build less than a year before I got my hands on it. My nephew owned it, when he got it, I had a 403/400. He bought a 78 Cutlass with the 72 Olds 350/350. Pulled that motor and dropped it in the Salon. Shortly after, I...
  12. SupremeSpeed

    Supreme Speed Salon

    On the way to be reborn. Time to install the motor and transmission.
  13. SupremeSpeed

    Supreme Speed Salon

    Before and after pics of the engine bay. This is a picture after the engine bay was sandblasted, and then primed and painted
  14. SupremeSpeed

    Supreme Speed Salon

    Cleaning up the engine bay
  15. SupremeSpeed

    Supreme Speed Salon

    Got a couple more parts for the Salon this week. A set of 44 series Flowmasters, that will deliver that classic muscle car tone I'm looking for. Also from Bowtie Overdrives, I have a 2200 stall converter. I will also be upgrading the steering shaft. The jeep shaft will be a nice upgrade. I'm...
  16. SupremeSpeed

    SSIII Wheel Assembly

    That's pretty cool!
  17. SupremeSpeed

    Supreme Speed Salon

    Thanks and yes it's a keeper.
  18. SupremeSpeed

    Supreme Speed Salon

    Here is my 87 Salon build. I bought this car about 2 years ago as a roller. It came with a 72 olds 350 with a prior build. My goals is to restore it back to its beauty and make a few modifications to my liking. So far I've swapped in an 87 GN rear with 3.42s. In the process of overhauling the...