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  1. GP403

    Site Changelog

    - updated core XF and plugins to v2.1 -- Had to get rid of the "reactions" add-on, so anything that was a custom "react" I think defaulted to a "like" but there are new reacts in there, and the old data exists still, just have to figure out how to import it back.... not a huge deal, minor...
  2. GP403

    2019 OCA Oldsmobile Nationals, Wichita KS, June 25-30

    ... holey moley what have i got myself into lol ... explanation to follow soon hopefully....
  3. GP403

    2019 OCA Oldsmobile Nationals, Wichita KS, June 25-30

    well, I will be there Thursday thru Sunday. Staying at the Drury which is also basically attached. Signed up for the welcome and awards banquets so I can get my schmooze on with all you fine Oldsmopeople. Won't be putting Betty in the show since she's hardly big show ready. Need to get...
  4. GP403

    Oldspower "Spotted" Thread

    spotted in Catoosa OK Monday night...
  5. GP403

    Oldspower "Spotted" Thread

    spotted on I-44 in SW MO on Sunday....
  6. GP403

    Any Ash Vs Evil Dead fans out there

    I started watching it but never finished. Reminder noted.
  7. GP403

    r134 conversion parts list

    repost from GBF bc I figure you guise might know more or at least the same :D so I'm looking at putting together a parts stash to do an r134 conversion on my '81 Grand Prix, the AC system is literally the original one that came in the car with the Olds diesel. The thing also hasn't worked in...
  8. GP403

    468ci - 500hp Olds combo
  9. GP403

    1980 442 Wichita (NOT MINE)

    wheels are there (see the FB ad) yeah the interior looks bad, but per the description, maybe you get enough to put it together again.... Was the SBO 350 really the engine for these? I was under the impression the only G-Body that got the 350 was the 79 H/O.... Its still listed...
  10. GP403

    1980 442 Wichita (NOT MINE)

    repeat: NOT MINE. If I didn't have 3 cars already I would be all over this. Believe me, I'm still on the fence. $2250 OBO yes its on FB marketplace, didn't find it on wichita CL, but it might be elsewhere who knows.
  11. GP403

    1986 Hurst Olds?

    I've seen that car in person at Carlisle a couple years ago. I don't recall if I talked to the guy or not. The kit doesn't do it for me either. Too "IROC"-y for my likes.
  12. GP403

    RESOURCE Oldsmobile Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Now's the chance to set it all right. Were the corrections part of the old site or published anywhere else?
  13. GP403

    RESOURCE Oldsmobile Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    No. Like I said, I just duplicated it. If its full of errors, we should correct them. Post corrections in this thread and I'll update it as needed. This was about the only complete copy of it I could find out there. *shrug* I will freely admit that I am no Olds expert and have no idea...
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    Call it a Monte Carlo one more time.
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    Site Changelog

    Creating personal album in Media gallery works now. Upload away! (will remove video upload ability from Media gallery since I don't have resources for that.... use YouTube or Vimeo!)
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    The problem with making personal albums is fixed now. Should be good to go. LMK if it still doesn't work.
  18. 1987 Cutlass Supreme "Betty Rumble" Interior

    1987 Cutlass Supreme "Betty Rumble" Interior

    Yep, that's an 80-81 Calais wheel. Took a while to find that puppy.
  19. Olds 403 in 81 Pontiac Grand Prix

    Olds 403 in 81 Pontiac Grand Prix

    1977 Olds 403. Crank machined for pilot bearing, 4-speed Saginaw trans. bottom end refreshed several years ago, new head gaskets and lifters last year. Edelbrock performer manifold, full dual exhaust. Plain old Q-Jet.
  20. GP403

    RESOURCE Electrical/Interior: G-Body Rallye Pac Conversion

    GP403 submitted a new resource: Electrical/Interior: G-Body Rallye Pac Conversion - Convert your G-Body sweep gauge/lights to full gauges. Read more about this resource...