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    Fluid Film!

    I don't know how I haven't come across this stuff yet. I'm an avowed rust-o-phobe, I'm always looking for the best ways to avoid/eliminate/roll back rust, and yet, I never discovered Fluid Film until a couple days ago. I've always tried to keep a step ahead of rust on all my daily drivers...
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    It always rains here in the concrete jungle, so car-related things are on hiatus. I have a dog, and a decent sized fence all around my yard except for one area, where the fence was particularly low. This area happens to adjoin with my weird neighbors who work out in their garden all the time...
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    Demolition hammers are cool

    In the process of completing the chain link fence around my backyard. There's a gap, where the only fence is the (bad) neighbors', so trying to connect my two areas up to the corner. Problem is, my existing corner post is technically six inches onto the bad neighbors' lot, so don't want to...
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    What did you do to your Olds powered vehicle today?

    After a long stretch of "paying the bills", I'm finally in the process of putting new tires on the Cutlass. The ones that are on it now were used when I put them on 8 years ago, and I think they're 12 years old. They're touring 215/65-15s and traction has been somewhat of an...issue...with the...
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    Replying to old threads disclaimer

    Not much appears to be going on here, which is too bad. Felt kind of stupid replying to older posts as I was late in finding out the site was back, but hell with it.
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    Re-padding a steering wheel

    My winter project this year was to re-pad my steering wheel. I like the wheel and it was generally in good shape, but the padding underneath was foam rubber, which had turned to orange goo. I hold the wheel at 11:30 and 4:00, and at the top, the leather was squishy and starting to wrap around...
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    Best news all year

    I -- like at least a couple others apparently -- decided to type in the URL, even though there was no reason to believe it was going to lead anywhere ha ha... Very exciting to see that the wait was not in vain. Welcome back Oldspower!