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    88' Caddy

    Just out of curiosity, is there any problem running a transmission that has a lock-up torque converter WITHOUT locking it up? I suppose because it has a top gear steeper than 1:1, there is more mechanical resistance in 4th gear, and so therefore additional potential heat generation/efficiency...
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    1961 88 Overcharging, with 2 new voltage regulators tried

    Sun had all the good machines. I still want one of their distributor testers. You're absolutely right, I figured it out at the time, and it turned out to be a bad negative battery terminal. I have experienced some of the weirdest issues, always related to bad grounds, or other forms of...
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    88' Caddy

    I'd imagine that the 350 and 403 would be easier to find, they're newer, and probably less in-demand than the 455. The 350 and 403 both have the same deck height as the 307, so they're technically closer to a drop-in swap. The 455 has a taller deck height, so the engine is taller and a little...
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    1961 88 Overcharging, with 2 new voltage regulators tried

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know of a way to TEST a generator/alternator that uses an external voltage regulator, as in, a spin test? Only place I know of is at certain auto parts stores, but they claimed to only test internally-regulated alternators. One of my cars has an external...
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    88' Caddy

    Others will have a better answer than I will, but it's my understanding that you just need to replace the carb and the distributor. Thing is, if there's nothing wrong with them, it's a somewhat expensive and pointless effort with a 307. You won't get any more power, and your economy might go...
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    88' Caddy

    Come on man, let's see some more pics! You say paint problems, but she looks uncommonly clean and shiny to me.
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    88' Caddy

    Great car, very clean! Looks great in white. I assume that is the factory vinyl top. It's interesting, because I remember '88s having sort of a vinyl insert in the rear "opera window", that made it more of a porthole with vinyl trim around it. Did a quick search, and it seems both kinds...
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    88' Caddy

    Love the box Cadillacs. Please do post pics when you can. I still have a soft spot for all those old 307 cars. They were slow, but they were still Olds V8s. Just a reminiscence, but '88 when your car was new was when I was starting to get into cars. I was buying late-'60s to early-'70s...
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    Big block install in a G body

    Your swap makes me happy. Post some more pics if you can. Will have to read back over it and catch what headers you're using. I had the same column shift interference. It's still tight, but I was able to adjust things and make it work. I was much more urgently going for the sleeper approach.
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    455 out of Ninety-Eight Going into 1980 Cutlass G Body

    Are you planning to keep the 7.5" rear end? These are relatively weak, and they also came with really tall gears, possibly as high as 2.14. Neither one of these is an immediate deal-breaker, but if/when you replace it, you'll also need to shorten the driveshaft. If you're planning to go with...
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    HELP Computer limits

    It's my understanding that the reason for the computers on these cars, in conjunction with the mildly-built stock motors, was for economy and idle. It's kind of pointless to try to reuse the computer if you're going for performance, particularly with a non-stock motor of a larger displacement...
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    What did you do to your Olds powered vehicle today?

    That sucks... Unrelated, but one time I had a car on a friend's lift. It was a two post lift, with two arms on either side that reach out to the frame rails. It was a freshly painted car, top and bottom, and we used soft pads to protect the frame at the contact points. Obviously, you place...
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    What did you do to your Olds powered vehicle today?

    Won't a 307 or 350 manifold fit on a 260?
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    My best Oldsmobile tool

    I'm lazy though, I don't like hunching and moving around the rims. Plus, it's easier to get an even coat when they're spinning.
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    Supreme Speed Salon

    Wow, it looks great. Is that what the motor looked like when you pulled it??
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    Cars you've sold

    Cool story, and nice that you got to sell one and keep one. As far as the "keeper" concept, I've gotten to the point where if I don't drive a car enough, I sort of lose my bond with it, and then it's time for it to go. This is especially true if it's pristine and worth a bunch of money. I...
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    Warning Buzzer

    You didn't say anything about the ignition key. This is how the buzzer is supposed to work, when the key is in the ignition and the driver's door is open. If it's doing this any time the driver's door is open, regardless of the key being in the ignition, then it's likely the switch in the...
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    Fluid Film!

    I don't know how I haven't come across this stuff yet. I'm an avowed rust-o-phobe, I'm always looking for the best ways to avoid/eliminate/roll back rust, and yet, I never discovered Fluid Film until a couple days ago. I've always tried to keep a step ahead of rust on all my daily drivers...
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    Funny stuff found on the internet

    What kind of a dog IS that? My German Shepherd says "WTF!? Hey, how ya doin'? Where's the skunk?" My cat says "In restitution for all the times you wanted to give me attention when I was young and cute and I wanted nothing to do with it, you must now give me constant attention, even when you...
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    Mixed Breed

    That's the definition of "Oldspower", nothing to forgive. :D