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    INTRO 1984 Cutlass Calais

    Okey doky, sounds good because you have them. I pumped a lot of money over the years into heads, mostly iron. Back then only Battens were available and you needed to buy the intake plus exhaust flanges and have a set of headers made. Rather than one LARGE purchase I sunk smaller(but still...
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    INTRO 1984 Cutlass Calais

    Jmo here, from personal experience. Don't necessarily expect a large improvement with Edelbrock heads. 461 with iron G heads, big valved, backcut, sodium filled, ported/filled crossovers/milled yada yada. Car ran 11:23. Chanded to Mondello cryogenic frozen/ported Edelbrock head$, one of...
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    INTRO 1984 Cutlass Calais

    A-heads are 1965 heads. Are you still running the original one year big block only valve train? They look like their adjustable but not. Is this a 45 degree 1965/66 block? I'm getting ready to put a 1965 425+ 0.030. I sold the A-heads. I plan on using big valved B or C's. Have you any time...
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    Optima Battery

    I just looked up at difference in the batteries andI came across this.
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    Installing a 425 into my 87 cutlass

    Without the A.C. compressor and using an aluminium intake the "big block" (actually just a taller block) will be about the same as a 307. So the springs should work. As for the headers, I know Hooker made Super Comps for the 400/425/455 Olds. The drivers side tuve came outside the frame rail. I...
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    Oil filter video

    I use to cut open my filters to look for "gold" when racing. I quit using "orange" filters many years ago after comparing them to NAPA/Wix. This video "says" it all but with visual.
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    SN oil in a 40 or 50 weight

    I think I'd only do 1 qt of ATF and 4 qts of oil with a fresh Wic/NAPA filter. I'd buy a few oil filters.
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    Cutlass Camino.....

    It is nice. One of none. I've seen 5 El Cutlasso's over the years.
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    Southside Machine 10/12 bolt relocation kit

    Who says there's not a Santa Claus? Holiday special, I'll pay shipping up to $50. Ho Ho Ho
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    Southside Machine 10/12 bolt relocation kit

    This is a complete kit with coil springs for putting an A-body rear housing in a G-body. Located centrally in Ohio. Hardware and instructions. Shipping is from 44481. $300 plus shipping.
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    Another selling thread

    Yes, I've been trying to get motivated and get rid of some sh*t, opps I mean stuff. I jokingly say(but kind of true) my Daughter "the Attorney" is making me get rid of some of my cars/parts. She says "what am I going to do with all those cars if you die?" I tell her, either call and auction...
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    Another selling thread

    I use to sell of eBay but haven't in 12/14 years. I loved ebay back in the day. Not only did i sell but i had a "scam" I did. I'd see something selling that I had, I'd put it in the watch list. If there was a bidding war, I'd go to the bidding history and email the 2nd and 3rd (loosing...
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    Oil info
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    My Last Rodeo

    I have a few small air compressors but on Black Friday I went to Tractor supply and bought a DeWalt 60 gallon, I know, it's only one stage but for the price $399 I'm happy. It looks like a creature from Despicable Me.
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    4A intake and 5A heads

    Oh, Okay. I had a nice rebuilt and ported set done by a rather well known local Oldsmobile racer Chuck Powell. I have 6 buildings of stuff and I've looked for them and didn't find them.
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    4A intake and 5A heads

    I think A4's were on 403's. 307's had like 5a's maybe 7a's but not the same as the 1972 7A's. The 4A's use 1/2" head bolts, not a big deal. Jmo
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    Jetstar 1 was a "bad boy" car in its day. One step under the Starfire, only cosmetically not performance wise. I had a chance to buy a 1965 Jetstar 1 4-speed car in the late 90's. The guy wanted an arm and a leg for it, I only had the leg.t Plus back then I had a "ball and chain" she hated old...
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    Cars you've sold

    It's been a little sloooow on this forum so maybe this thread will liven it up. Over the years, my car hobby got carried away a bit. I had always planned on selling/downsizing after I retired. Well, I've been retired over 6 years. I've done a little downsizing but not much. The demand for Olds...
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    Got my 72 Supreme from its Slumber.

    Jmo, part it out. Your story sounds like Deja vu to me. As I've posted, because of my car hauler and advertising, I was always finding field/project cars. I'd sell a lot but I accumulated a lot also. I had a set of perfect 70/72 doors/fenders/71/72 air induction hood w25? Anyway I came across a...
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    My Last Rodeo

    I probably should tell you how it was when I was young. Luckily I had an older Brother that got me interested in cars, he's now deceased and my car hobby interest hasn't been the same since. I literally "push" on. Early 1960s we had an old shed 8X10 with a little pot belly stove that had every...