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    Dug up another "Dead Soldier"

    There's a lot of dead Olds around my buildings/Olds junkyard. I've had this "Baby" since around 2004. I call them all, my Babies. Everyone of them has a story behind them. This story goes back to 1990s. At Ohio Drag City, also known as Meander Dragstrip and/or Youngstown Executive Airport...
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    Lot of Olds info

    This is 442BRO.COM website. He's a guy about 50 miles from me. We're about the same age and I remember him racing his 1965 442 at Skyline Dragstrip 1969 early 1970s. I was in to Chevrolets back then. Seems like his site has been dormant for a few years. Anyway, lots of good information for all...
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    Water pump bolts picture

    From Supercars unlimited, they sell the kit. Plus a picture of the specific bolts.
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    Water pump info

    Hopefully by posting Oldsmobile specific information, we can make this place a "go to site" for Olds guys. More traffic, more posting, win/win. I "borrowed" this info.
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    Hi-test 403

    Wow, dyno sheet says it all.
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    Engine startup tips

    Kind of like a Check List. One can never have to much information.
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    OUCH Bye bye 403

    I'm a 403 fan but stuff does happen. Great pictures and good explanation.
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    BRO442 information

    This is from a 1965 Oldsmobile 442 fanatic. He's a former Olds racers from Aliquippa, Pa. I think I remember his 1965 442 from Skyline Dragstrip. It was just over the Pa. Side of the Ohio/Pa border. This was around 1968. We would race early at Sunset dragstrip. If we got knocked out in the early...
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    The past lives-the good old days

    This is a link to ROP -Realoldspower from 2005. Lots of good info and interesting reading.
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    Playing with a 350

    In my quest for Oldsmobiles, I usually passed on 350's. Even though I have a few. My Grey 1967 Oldsmobile 98 has a great running 400 E engine, C heads. I need the engine for my 1967 442 convertible. I'm downsizing my fleet, just sold my Turquoise 1967 98 and I plan to sell the Grey one next...
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    Oil pump/pressure read

    This is a good thread about oil pumps, oil pressure, and lubrication. One thing I think I'll do, it when priming my future engines. I'll have the starter ready and while running the drill priming the engine, bump the starter a few times. Some may disagree but it mays sense to me, either that or...
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    Comp Cams 1441 kit

    This is a never used, bags never opened kit, all there, for small block Oldsmobile. $215 shipped to the lower 48 States.
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    Edelbrock 7111 intake

    This intake was bolted to an engine but never ran, imo. It is a little dirty. $250 shipped to the lower 48 States.
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    Edelbrock 3711 intake

    Never bolted on, still in the box. It has the block off plates. $275 shipped in the lower 48 States.
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    Not exactly a car guy.

    Actually not what I consider a "guy" more what I call a "metro-sexual" Watch the video and be prepared to cringe.
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    Another 403

    I've got to quit searching Craigslist. I spotted a "fresh" posting for a "crate" 403 engine. It was 3.4 miles from me. The story was "Father" had a G body 442. He bought the engine long block from Auto Zone. He then decide to pull the heads to put high compression pistons yada yada. He went to...
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    The end of an Era

    R.I.P. Money Maker! Sold one of my Babies today. World's fastest 1967 Oldsmobile 98 LS. Aquamarine/Creme 2 tone. I called her "Money Maker" because three times to the Dragstrip, 3 times in the money. Best was 14:13 @ 100 mph, 60' @ 2:00. 4680# yeah she was a big girl. She had the "Apprehender"...
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    My latest friend

    I'm always trying to find ways to save my back. Some of my "Friends" are a two post lift, cherry picker in each building, transmission/rear end jack for the lift, hydraulic table and having everything on dollies. I was looking for a truck crane/lift and I came across this truck crane. Even...
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    Interesting "Tidbits"

    Ignition timing, vacuum advance and more.
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    Oil filter video

    I use to cut open my filters to look for "gold" when racing. I quit using "orange" filters many years ago after comparing them to NAPA/Wix. This video "says" it all but with visual.