Why Diesel Cars Are Becoming Less Popular in Many Countries

There are many new car buyers today that are selecting gas powered models over those that run on diesel. This brings about an end to an otherwise extended period of dominance in the field by the diesel models. Studies are showing that as of 2014, diesel vehicles accounted for about half of the new car market.

Due to a combination of new factors, such as the boost in fuel prices and concerns that came about from pollution and the emissions scandal with Volkswagen, there has been a significant dent put into the popularity of diesel models. More of the recent studies today are showing that even though there was an increase of diesel models on the market, the purchase totals went down by about 1.1% overall. This comes after a bigger 2.1% fall just before that.

Today, just about 3% of the market is made up of AFVs or fueled vehicles, which includes hybrids and electric cars. This is a major rise with over 20% on sales for the first several months of 2016 alone. Why is it that it seems as though diesel cars are less popular today?

This could be due in large part to the scandals; however, there is a lot to be said about the rise in electric cars and hybrids, along with the advantages that come from using gasoline. Those who drive gasoline-powered vehicles tend to see falls in pricing at the pump.

Where the future lies for diesel powered vehicles may remain uncertain for the foreseeable future, with many people looking for cost efficient alternatives that are going to be easier on their wallets, as well as the environment. If you are searching for a newer vehicle for potential purchase or best auto lease deals and specials in NY, will you be buying or leasing diesel, or something else? If you plan to lease you can check the Car leasing special offers website, as well as for buy find the brands authorized site.