Know Your Manly Drinks

scotch-whisky-461880_640While there are many great liquors out there, in general there are three types of liquors that represent the epitome of “being manly.” When you go to your next car show and you really want to impress visitors, food and beverage consultant, Jenny Dorsey, suggests the following three drinks will make you and your car more “manly”.

Is there any drink that has ever been more manly than whiskey? The answer is no. The traditional drink for someone who wants their drink strong but also appreciates the different flavors that can come with a good burn from a strong liquor. While whiskey has its roots in Ireland and Scotland, it has absolutely flourished in the United States, as well.

There are many different types of whiskey, and the taste can vary greatly between brands. Five Star, Johnny Walker, Jameson, and Jack Daniels are just a few of the many popular brands found virtually everywhere. Get a little bit of education and learn the high end from the mixers, and you’ll be able to fully appreciate whiskey, too.

The refined cousin of whiskey, Scotch is often seen as the “gentleman’s version” of whiskey. Made in Scotland, one of the first things to learn is the difference between single malt and double malt and to learn whether you like very clean or peaty tasting Scotch to find one that you can claim as your own.

Moonshine has a reputation (and a kick) that is second to none. Powerful, unrefined, and often famous for being made by an individual with a still as opposed to a large company, being able to handle a few sips of moonshine out of a Mason Jar is a rite of passage in many areas. No reason you can’t hit both sides of the spectrum – the gentleman and the burly man.