Hedge and Ditch Presumption

The Hedge and Ditch Presumption is a law that tends to come up from time to time when it comes to setting down a boundary.

Here is more on what this law entails for those who are looking to lay down a barrier and might want to do things according to the books.

What Is Hedge and Ditch Presumption?

The premise of this is for agricultural land where property boundaries are of utmost importance.

What this presumption does is explain where the property boundary lies if there are a hedge and ditch in between where the edge is supposed to be. This can happen, and the rule is the edge goes on the other side of the ditch.

Benefits of Hedge and Ditch Presumption

1) Simple To Understand

The reason it is useful has a lot to do with how simple it makes everything.

You don’t have to waste time nor do you have to overthink how the property boundary is going to lay. This is key for those who are looking to move things along at a faster pace.

2) Creates Uniform Expectations

The one thing most people note is the fact this is a difficult issue to deal with, and the presumption helps keep things in order. You don’t want to argue over this for too long or make it a legal issue. The assumption makes sure everyone is aware of how things work.

This is what the Hedge and Ditch Presumption brings to the table and why it is an important option for those who are looking to divide their property from nearby properties.

Those who want to know how to become a hedge fund manager to get things moving along will know this presumption is going to come in handy. It is one of the most practical solutions for handling boundary-related troubles that may arise along the way.